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Locksmith Antwerp: copying keys and security locks 

Sleutel Expres in Antwerp was founded at the Astrid square in 1958. Four years later, they set up shop at Klapdorp 76, in the heart of Antwerp. Luc Van Der Hasselt, who joined Sleutel Expres in 1984, has been the manager since 1986.

Locksmith Sleutel Express provides quick and reliable services for keys, locks, window and door protection, safes and license plates.

We specialise in the manufacturing and repair of locks and keys in our own workshop. We can copy any type of key for you. We are also specialised in securing, creating and opening locks, both mechanical and electric locks. 

We have our own breakdown repair service with which we can help you as soon as possible. Our breakdown repair service is an expert at opening and securing doors, windows and locks. We are as soon as possible on site and help you efficiently and effectively with your problem.

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Urgently need a locksmith? 

Did you lock yourself out? Or lost your keys? In the region of Antwerp, we are also on-site to open existing locks and install new locks. We guarantee a fast and excellent service. Don't worry, with Sleutel Expres your problem will be solved in no time.