Door closers and automated door systems

Why buy a door closer?

We know door carriers especially used in catering businesses, but also at home they can be installed with a door pump. Both interior and exterior doors can automatically close with a door pump system and so you have both hands free.

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Types of hydraulic door systems

Key Express has a wide range of door pumps and automated door systems. The advantage of a door pump is that it allows you to open and close your interior and exterior doors silently. It is a hydraulic system that works with a spring. This ensures that the door closes automatically after opening.`

These are suited for an intensive use with a closing force of 1 (20kg), 2 (40 kg), 3 (60kg), 4 (80kg), 5 (100 kg) en 6 (120 kg). Be sure to take the closing force into account when purchasing a door closer. The weight of the door in question has an influence on the closing force to be chosen, of course other things than just the weight of the door should also be taken into account.

These include various operating possibilities such as pushbuttons, key switches, card readers, motion sensors, remote control etc. In short: you have a wide choice for your door pump at Key Express, we are happy to help you make the right choice.

Installing a door pump or having it installed?

Of course you can buy a door pump and install it yourself, but install your door pump by a specialist with knowledge of the facts, is certainly worth considering.

If you use Sleutel Expres to install your door pump, we will look first on the spot and analyze the situation before we decide which closing force is best suited. For example, we take into account the intensity of use and any wind or pressure. The pros and cons of various operating systems such as pushbuttons, key switches, remote control, card readers, etc ... we will discuss in detail with you. 

After we have discussed everything and you have decided everything, we will come and install your door pump at your home. We do this with the necessary expertise so that we can guarantee a balanced and almost silent closing.

Fast and reliable service

Are you interested in buying a door pump or door closer? Would you like more information about this? Then visit the Sleutel Expres store in Antwerp and discover our handy and safe solutions!

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