High-quality safes: Fire and burglary proof

Specialist in safes

Sleutel Expres is your Antwerp-based specialist for all sorts of safes, built-in safes, wall safes,fire- and burglary-proof safes, key cabinets and lockboxes. We deliver our safes straight from the supplier, at extremely interesting prices and with free transport.

It is often mistakenly thought that safes are always both fire and burglary resistant, but nothing is less true. Some are only one of the two, other than again combine both properties. There is also a lot of difference in locks, placement and price. Would you buy a safe to store your documents and valuables, an expert of Sleutel Expres is on the case!

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Our offer in safes

At Sleutel Expres you can buy a safe which perfectly fits your home or business. We have in fact both freestanding safes, wall safes as built-in safe and all in different designs and sizes.

Fireproof safe

Strong and burglar proof safe

Fireproof and burglar proof safe

Key cabinets with or without lock

Money boxes in various sizes

At Sleutel Expres we deliver only vaults of undisputed quality. Therefore, we consciously choose vaults and safes of renowned brands such as:


  • Burg Wächter

  • Dombrecht safes

  • Cisa


Also additional safe keys you can purchase from us. We make them ourselves in our own workshop

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Free home delivery 

Want to buy a safe from Sleutel Expres? Enjoy free home delivery! We do not only have a wide range of safes, but also an excellent service. Are you buying your safe or safe-deposit box at Sleutel Expres? You can also enjoy free home delivery.Your safe is in fact completely free delivered to your home in the Antwerp region! So you do not need to provide a custom transport, because your new safe is brought to your door (ground floor).


Curious for more? Come and visit Sleutel Expres to discuss your requirements and our offerings. We like to make the necessary time to advise you in detail so that you are 100% sure which safe you should purchase.


Interested in a high-quality safe with all possible services? Sleutel Expres will gladly help you!