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Experienced professional

Sleutel Expres (Antwerp) is the place to be for a specialised locksmith with years of experience. Contact us 23 hours per day and 6 days a week to open and secure doors and locks.

We provide a prompt delivery, installation, repair and service with regard to safety locks and safety cylinders of our own design.

Our range

A sample from Sleutel Expres’ range:

  • Mechanical locks with single- or multi-point locking

  • Electrical locks for controlled locking and unlocking

  • Special locks for aluminium doors

  • Cylinders with ownership certificate

  • Various sizes of padlocks (from small to extra sturdy and heavy, naturally with a certificate as well)

Call Sleutel Expres on 0475 26 12 99 or 03 232 12 99 for breakdown repair or more information!

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