Craftsmanship in copying keys and making master keys

Copying all keys

Sleutel Expres (Antwerp) offers a large choice of various brands and types of keys. For instance, you can contact us for a quick service when you have lost your key. A key breaks in the lock, the door slams while your car keys are still in the car or you cannot find your house keys anymore? There are several reasons why you want to make an extra key or need a new one. 


Sleutel Expres specialises in copying keys and you can contact us for copying any type of key. In most cases we can even make your keys while you wait.

Keys in all shapes and sizes

You can not only come to us for the production of a simple house key. We are also able to create more sophisticated keys. Think for example of house keys with a multi-point lock, special security keys, but you can also contact us for car keys.....


Would you want to have a key made in our shop in Antwerp, it is sufficient to either bring the spare key, the ownership certificate or the unique key number. Is your key broken in the lock and you can not bring the key? No problem! We will come to you to replace the lock and provide you with a new set of keys. We copy all brands of keys (code keys as well) for existing locks for your home, cabinets or cars, e.g. with a transponder for Mercedes, Ford and Opel models.


Yes we can even copy car keys. The rule for classic car keys is that we can also make them while you wait. Is it about remote-controlled car keys with transponder? In that case we can certainly help you further, in which case we will add the car key with which you can open your car manually for the time being. Afterwards, you can go to the garage to check the electrical encryption of the transponder chip by an authorised garage.

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Master key and smart tokens 

In addition, Sleutel Expres also makes its very own locking plans and master keys to operate the front, rear and garage door with a single key. Say goodbye to that heavy bunch of keys and use from now on one key. A master key is ideal for the different doors in their home and perhaps also for your professional business. 


At Sleutel Expres, we can create both standard master keys that open all doors and smart tokens from our own facilities that provide limited access to the owner. Therefore we always start with a sophisticated locking plan where we clearly list what and who can open doors.


For keys, rely on the craftsmanship of Sleutel Express in Antwerp!